School Boy Error

Why on earth! What a fool! I simply could not believe it! (As Victor Meldrew would say) I don’t believe it!

How many times have you made what can best be described as a school boy error?You know the things which seem obvious, which you really should not do and know better! eg when you are about to embark on your first bike ride of the summer fitness campaign and you are going really well, so go a little further than you intended.You then stop for a drink, and get ready to ride back home, only to find the front wheel is flat (yes at the bottom!), and you then end up having to walk home the five miles!
As many of my dear friends have said since, I could and should be using tubeless tyres!(I thought they were called solid tyres and were rock hard, apparently not!)
Much to learn about cycling it seems, still. The one blessing is you get your set daily steps in as well as the bike ride!
I've been having lots of chats in recent days with my eldest, who it is fair to say is on a real…

Im Lost!

I've never been in this place before!
Have you?

A place where you're not sure how you got here? 
Having never set out to be here? Noticing it seems that no one else, is here or even been here either before?
The unchartered place.
Its not on the map?
There were no signs of how to get to and from here?
It looks like im lost and alone!

Then the still small voice speaks into the 'lostness'. 
'I the Lord your God am with you WHEREVER you go!'
I said 'Never will I leave you or forsake you!'

These were the random thoughts which came vividly into my mind this morning as I meditated on the quiet, in the silence, breathing in, breathing out!
Im fairly confident these thoughts were starting to be formed in the last few days and were based on a couple of conversations i have helped to lead.
1. for the future direction of Fresh Expressions, where we together we seeking to imagine what the future would look like.
2. a conversation with a few friends who are both anxious and worrie…

Future Dreamers

What does the future look like?

I dream of a future.......

I've never been a sci-fi person.  Cant say I even really watched Star Wars properly.  But I must confess i've spent a good few days now looking forward and also a little bit of looking back.
Ive also found myself thinking about that iconic speech by Martin Luther King......I have a dream that.....
You have to put people like Wilberforce, The Suffragettes,  Booth to name just a few who dreamed likewise, or even my own children who in their youthfulness have their own aspirations and hopes for the future. Im dreaming of a movement of Salvation, an army that cannot be contained throughout the UK and Europe.  Im dreaming......

God is able to do more than we can imagine, more than!  I read when our dreams
have been realised, lets seek forgiveness from our God because we have not dreamed big enough!

I've just also spent two days with the national guiding team of the Fresh Expressions movement.   We have been trying to grapple …

Known Places

I was walking around uncharted ways this week.
This was how it was described to me.

We were walking around the Republic of Ireland.  Seeing if there was a new way the Salvation Army could engage with this nation.
(There are just a few churches and a social centres, with vast expanses of seeming possiblities!)

As we chatted with people, and discussed with local leaders and community works, we kept coming back to the same question. 

But how do we connect and support these places if we were to 'open up the work?'

As we journeyed around, chatted, prayed and reflected on what we saw, we increasingly became aware of the missionary nature of the early church.  (is there any other way?)

The gospel spread by the power of those first witnesses who had seen and believed.
They lived their lives in a way, that demonstrated the transforming work of the Spirit.
In a way that showed the supernatural work of God.
In a way that excited and compelled others to follow.

This whole way of living was apostolic…


A number of years ago I was faced by a massive personal challenge, it was an horrendous time.

I have been facing those fears and seeking God in recent days. Its all part of what God is calling me to, to a deeper place, a more faithful place. Its not easy, in fact its 'bloomin hard work', as they say in Yorkshire!

A number of Pioneers and dear friends are facing massive personal challenges and spiritual battlegrounds at present. There's no doubt that the battle is real. Physical, emotional and spiritual.
I want to remind you that God stands with you! Right by your side. Very close, (even if you do not feel it, Hes there).

When I was faced by my challenge, God promised me throughout that He would be there, and that He would speak for me. Indeed I was to be silent, not to fight, which went against every part of my being. When it ended you can imagine my shock when I had the words spoken directly to me 'i can find no record of wrongs against you!'
Today I woke, a friend, a…

Alexa Says......

I woke to the question this morning on one of my social media accounts,  'who do you think should be the next General?'

This was closely followed by the launch of the church of England  Ask Alexa campaign.  (You can read about it at the following link below)

I love this concept and innovative thinking. 
What was it Paul said, 'Ill be all things unto all people that some may be saved!'

I read through my various social media accounts, and saw one of the candidates for the General had stood down from being elected.  I have no knowledge of this officer or know why he did this, I/we dont need to know, but in that moment I had respect for a man of God who clearly will have sought the Lord and felt it was not the right time for him, i would imagine.   A big decision, a big call.  Leadership modelled!

So I wanted to ask Alexa, so who will be the next General? 
Then I read another com…


Its almost killed me, or so its felt!

The Garden!

Its massive, built over three different layers. Its full of trees and shrubs and all of which just seem to keep growing and growing!
This time every year, for the last three years its taken literally blood sweat and some tears, not to forget the aching back and joints!

It seems that in April and May we lose our vision from our home as  the clematis covers over the windows, keeping the light out.  
Everything seems to spread all over the paths, lawns etc 
The order and shape just gets lost in a myriad of greens and blooms, and things spring to life after the winter, but they just go anywhere and everywhere!
Its only after i've worked hard and pruned and shaped  can we reclaim our place  and enjoy the beauty and once more see out of our windows.

It was around this time, a couple of years ago that I was the guest speaker at a congress/conference in Sweden.  Ive prayed lots for Sweden since my visit and was thrilled when our previous TCs Clive…