Who am I?

Who do you say I am?

These profound words, asked by Jesus resonate through my thinking this morning, following on from a number of conversations this week. What did those first disciples feel and think, as they were ‘challenged’ by Jesus? I wonder what were they thinking?
So who do you say I am? A man, A husband, A father, A son, A brother, A friend A disciple A Follower of the way An minister of the gospel A rugby ref/coach These are some of the statements that could be said of myself. But the words of Jesus have added depth.Who do YOU say I am?

I've been doing some research along with Andrea.We've been looking at the whole pioneering spirit and DNA of the movement, and what leaders are needed to rediscover and lead this forward. We've been asking lots of questions!
But who do you say a PIONEER is?
Yesterday we spent the afternoon, looking at the feedback we have been given. Some of the physc profiles which we now have in our hands as well as the shared wisdom of others who have been on s…


The S word….
Come with me….for a moment…..on a journey towards a sustainable future.

Jesus is dead!!! Or so the disciples think…. The hope of the world, Who for the last three years had spent a ‘mission intensive’ period investing, training and encouraging those first believers to be not only followers of a new way, but to pioneer a whole new way of living. Some have seen and touched Jesus post resurrection. Some have heard him promise the Holy Spirits presence. Some still appear to be ‘like sheep without a shepherd’. Some flee, persecuted and ‘ashamed’ of their new found faith once Jesus leaves this earth and yet the church grows exponentially throughout ‘the known world’.
I cant help but think, and thank God for their naïve boldness and seeming reliance upon the Spirit provision, and the provision of fellow believers in those formative years.
There are many many questions that bounce around in my mind as I consider this growth of the early church at what is a time of massive challenge for the…

On The Move (Part 2)


Have you watched it?
Its one of those slightly crazy American detective programmes but with a twist.
It basically is all about the remains, the bones of deceased people.
The specialists are normally only left with a few bones and from these they seek to discover who the person was and how they were killed.
It really is fascinating! 
Well we think so.

This has gotten me thinking.....

I was asked a couple of times recently by very different people, so what makes us who we are?
What are our distinctives?
What is our DNA?

Ive also been reading again about what kind of church is needed for the future?  My good friend Phil Potter writes about the future present, in Pioneering a new future. He unpacks the need for a paradigm shift in the way we think and operate within the church in the West.  Im inclined to agree with him!  Im also inclined to ask myself the question what does this mean for a worldwide organisation where the challenges in other nations are far removed from those in the UK?  

As …

On The MOVE!

The Sun comes up its a new day dawning...

Its times to sing that song again.......!!!!!

The country has basked in the Summer Sun, 
Its been simply glorious for months and yet
being British of course we have also heard it said, 
Its just to hot!
And yet the sun continues to display its self, majestic, just love it
Everyone seems to have been 'brighter', there's no doubt a little sun lifts the spirits
Its got to be one of the longest and hottest Summers we've had, hasn't it?

The thing is its fine if you are laying on a beach, enjoying the rest, but if you are working its almost 'debilitating'. 
Energy sapped struggling to complete the tasks.
Shirts sticking like a limpet to your body.
And yes no wonder those in hotter climbs take a siesta and rest in the mid noon sun each day.

In the midst of this beautiful summer weather, and yes despite what Ive said above I love the sun, i've found myself either walking or travelling loads.
Lots of space to think and lots of people …

Glory BE!

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning is now, and ever shall be, world without end.

Ive been on a real journey in recent days. Mid life crisis? Challenges, Circumstance? Or simply hungering after a deeper experience of the God whom I love and serve?

Ive been taking lots and lots of time to be still, to reflect upon ‘whats it all about?’ Reflecting that the movement which I have sought to serve in faithfully, has in recent days been in a sense of turmoil, struggle, demoralising circumstances.  We really have been caught up by the internal wrestles, more times that I really want to think about.    (And before anyone says it, these are my personal views, but Im told im not alone.)
I must confess that the seeming uncertainty, and pain that many have faced has caused me to really ‘pursue God’, in a new and different way.I must confess that the building blocks which much of my service has been founded upon have certainly been pushed, if not at ti…

School Boy Error

Why on earth! What a fool! I simply could not believe it! (As Victor Meldrew would say) I don’t believe it!

How many times have you made what can best be described as a school boy error?You know the things which seem obvious, which you really should not do and know better! eg when you are about to embark on your first bike ride of the summer fitness campaign and you are going really well, so go a little further than you intended.You then stop for a drink, and get ready to ride back home, only to find the front wheel is flat (yes at the bottom!), and you then end up having to walk home the five miles!
As many of my dear friends have said since, I could and should be using tubeless tyres!(I thought they were called solid tyres and were rock hard, apparently not!)
Much to learn about cycling it seems, still. The one blessing is you get your set daily steps in as well as the bike ride!
I've been having lots of chats in recent days with my eldest, who it is fair to say is on a real…

Im Lost!

I've never been in this place before!
Have you?

A place where you're not sure how you got here? 
Having never set out to be here? Noticing it seems that no one else, is here or even been here either before?
The unchartered place.
Its not on the map?
There were no signs of how to get to and from here?
It looks like im lost and alone!

Then the still small voice speaks into the 'lostness'. 
'I the Lord your God am with you WHEREVER you go!'
I said 'Never will I leave you or forsake you!'

These were the random thoughts which came vividly into my mind this morning as I meditated on the quiet, in the silence, breathing in, breathing out!
Im fairly confident these thoughts were starting to be formed in the last few days and were based on a couple of conversations i have helped to lead.
1. for the future direction of Fresh Expressions, where we together we seeking to imagine what the future would look like.
2. a conversation with a few friends who are both anxious and worrie…