Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Diet or Feast?

Its amazing how little you can survive on!

In recent weeks, the last four in fact, I have been in 'pre season mode'! For those who know me well and have been around me over many summers, they know this means hard dieting and fitness push ready for the impending fitness test! This year apparently I now not only need to do the bleep test but also the yoyo test! Do the rfu referees unit not realise this gets harder and harder each year and some of us are not really made for dynamic speed and fitness??? We are the communicators and managers !

Anyway into my head has come this thought over the last week or so......Ive decided only to blog occasionally at present as I am not wanting it to just become routine. But I ws woken early this morning and have had a recurring theme ove the last few weeks. That is God is An Awesome provider!

By trying to eat three small meals a day I am realising that in fact i do not need to eat very much to survive through the day. I loathe breakfast but endeavour to force some fruit in a sandwich for lunch and small dinner in the evening, more than enough. In fact I am finding I do not even really want my eve meal at present? I must confess however I still want my sweets and cakes but this is getting less and less, well most days.

Mind you this has focused my mind on the terrible famine affecting so many people across Africa in these last days. It is terrible that we have so much and can chose when to eat, they would just like to be able to eat!

In recent days we have been going through one of those amazing times of blessing at church. God has been providing so much, answering so many amazing prayers, and it has just been so good to be in the center of some amazing demonstrations of Gods love and power. For the last few weeks there has been one thing after another. I have even started turning to my team and saying look yet another blessing from God, isn't this awesome! That simply just had to be God!

God says he will do immeasurably more than we can imagine, so why am I surprised?

God just loves to lavish upon his children good things so that others may see his power and glory.

As a Christian do I live on meagre rations rather than upon the providential blessings of God. I can survive on little, just like the diet, or I can recognise that God is a God of lavish provision! Why famine when God has plenty?

Thanks be to God at present we are indeed seeing His bountiful provision, and yet He still has even more.....all we have to do is live in His will and see His plan and purpose revealed in front of us. Dieting is alright for a while, but i need to be honest I love to feast!

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