Tuesday, 29 May 2012


I was listening to the football play off game in the car on Saturday as I was travelling home.  The game had got to the point where the scores were level and it went to penalties.  The tension was building, both sides season was dependent on the next few moments.  The score was 10-10 and now it was the goalkeepers turn to take theres.  The goalkeeper approaches the kick and under pressure bangs it right over the crossbar.  The result his team loses.  Moments earlier this was the same keeper who had been the hero as he had saved a number of kicks.  His face and emotions said it all, he was defeated!  ASK any Chelsea supporter is it better to win the penalty shoot out of lose it!!

I love competition...in fact some say of me, I could turn just about anything into a competition.  Bit harsh but probably true.  There is something within me that has the desire to win. This desire usually means I am prepared to take risks, short cuts to do so, and well as putting in lots of hard work?  Is this a good thing?  Im not sure but I see so many people who live defeated lives, that I would rather choice to live victoriously and would wish that for them as well.

I read today, and have been considering all year this text, 'if God is for us, who can be against us'? Romans 8:31.  The daily reading notes went on to say 'most of our missed opportunities wouldn't have been missed if we had been willing to push through the criticism and embrace what could have been.  All of us experience fear.  But here's the difference; the winners need for progress overwhelms their reluctance to take a risk.  they can live more easily with the memory of having tried and failed, than not having tried at all.  They know that failure is an inevitable part of success, and failure always brings criticism.  And while others fear stepping out into a new opportunity, the winner fears missing out on it'  (UCB notes)

As God is doing a new thing in front of our eyes, and as the SA has been talking about fighting for justice I cannot help but think, GOD WANTS US TO BE WINNERS, more than conquerors!  But for us to overcome the things that we face, and for people to experience all that Jesus has done for them then we have got to grab hold of the truth, rather than believing the lies.   If God is for us then who can be against us!!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Temperature is Rising!

The temperature is rising.  Britain is experiencing its summer.  Well for at least two maybe even three days?

There appears to be a growing expectancy and excitement flowing through the Salvation Army in the UKT at present.  Mission and evangelism are very much on the table and the various divisions across this land are being encouraged to look at new ways of being church in our localities.  A massive permission has been given by the movement and with this a big commitment to resource and support such initiatives.  Conversations and partnerships are being formed with other churches and movements such as the whole Fresh Expressions movement (which we enter into formal partnership with in the coming weeks and months).

I have just returned from a planting conference which I had the joy of co leading and the 50 people gathered were an inspiration as they looked at what God was doing in their communities and asking of them.   Wouldnt it be amazing if all gathered started something new which reached people with the good news of Jesus.
But you can also be sure that as the church of God wakes up, and once more becomes the impassioned group of people that I believe God intended us to be, the enemy also wakes up.  The last thing the enemy wants is for the Church to be alive, to be awake.  He delights when we argue over our styles of worship and dress, or even more so when we have a sense of apathy and lethargy that why bother nothings going to change?!

I want to put a call out to Gods people to continue going for it.  To dream the dreams, to have the visions, to let God do the new things in and through you whilst at the same time being so wise in the way we fight this battle.  If ever there was a time to pray surely it has to be now?  As we rediscover our mission heart for the lost, then we at the same time need to recognise and take hold of Gods heart for prayer!
I have read numerous times in recent days John 17, that Jesus is praying for us, (great image) and praying protection over us His people. If Jesus recognises we need protecting then maybe its time we to recognised this need.
Prayer and mission are intrinsicly linked.  If we reach out to the lost In Jesus’ power  then we also need to reach out to Jesus to empower and protect us in this work. 
Prayer and mission go together.  Its hot, the spiritual temperature is rising!  Lets not let the enemy rain on our parade.

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