Tuesday, 21 August 2018

On The MOVE!

The Sun comes up its a new day dawning...

Its times to sing that song again.......!!!!!

The country has basked in the Summer Sun, 
Its been simply glorious for months and yet
being British of course we have also heard it said, 
Its just to hot!
And yet the sun continues to display its self, majestic, just love it
Everyone seems to have been 'brighter', there's no doubt a little sun lifts the spirits
Its got to be one of the longest and hottest Summers we've had, hasn't it?

The thing is its fine if you are laying on a beach, enjoying the rest, but if you are working its almost 'debilitating'. 
Energy sapped struggling to complete the tasks.
Shirts sticking like a limpet to your body.
And yes no wonder those in hotter climbs take a siesta and rest in the mid noon sun each day.

In the midst of this beautiful summer weather, and yes despite what Ive said above I love the sun, i've found myself either walking or travelling loads.
Lots of space to think and lots of people met, many for the first time.
As you know I like to take space to think, ponder and reflect on what Im hearing and seeing.

Space if vital for the Christian, as vital as the air we breathe, I suggest.

I, along with many of my friends have been grappling with the reality of 'where we are at', in
our journey as a movement, and the ongoing wrestles with our identify, direction and future.  
Just what does God require of us?
Just what are we supposed to be in this post christendom world?
I continue to ask of God, 'Lord show us the way we should go..'
It seems that still we wrestle.
People are
In pain
Sense of being lost, 
Looking for hope.

Yes A bit like sheep without a shepherd, all over the place.

Sometimes when you are on a journey you just have to stop, get the compass and map out. .....stop, reevaluate.....rethink.....before you set out again towards your destination.

I pondered as I looked out of a field full of sheep, far flung all over the place the other day on one of my walks. 
Where was the Shepherd?

God is raising up some amazing people at this time.  I keep 'bumping into them', all over the place.  They seem flung far and wide, but are also spread thin in places.  This thought process continues, how do we identify, enable, equip and release this latent potential?

A couple of examples. 

On a visit to Scotland recently i was leading a small group of young adults, they were great, passionate and had brilliant questions.  At the end they prayed for me, circled me and laid hands on me.  I sensed one persons hand burning like hot coals.  I spoke with the young lady after and said wow your hands, you are seriously anointed by the Holy Spirit, her response, I know but what do I do about it?!

Last week I was in Anglia where I was privileged to be in a small cell group, and listen to the militant radical passionate faith of people who are committed to following Jesus, profound! I was blown away by them, I was excited by them and I just wanted to 'let them loose'.   

I also met recently a young lady who spoke about  how her friends had been empowered  and enabled to explore pioneering spiritual leadership because someone took time to listen and understand what God was saying to them and that they now felt there was future!

A young man who has been to visit social action and justice centres because he feels compelled to say yes to Jesus, as he says for the rest of his life!  He wants to reach the broken, lost and forgotten and show them hope!  Amen!

These are each examples of whats going on about the nation within the world which is the Salvation Army!
Young adults who want to do new things
Who are committed to Jesus and passionate about the Kingdom
It really does feel like the temperature is rising!

Its getting hot around here!

Now is the time to herd up the sheep - to shepherd, care and encourage them

To unite them around one common purpose and goal
To change policies if needed, 
To resource the people of God for mission
To get our systems either out of the way or enable the way
To pioneer a new army rising
God is already preparing the troops!
Rise up


NB If God is calling you to a new way, to pioneer a new future, to serve him, to follow after him then please feel free to explore this with ourselves or with others. (normal SA email address)
Pioneers on the move........

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