Tuesday, 19 February 2019

The BORGs!

It seems so often that Im running to try and catch up!
Ever felt like that?
I have a 'to do list' each day and sometimes it just feels as though it gets longer rather than shorter.
I was in fact 'told off' the other day for simply putting too much into my diary.
Both people who said the same thing within 24 hours of each other challenged me as to where was 'my space to breathe'?

Now to be fair I do take 'space to breathe', I love to walk and I love to stand in wonder at creation, the beautiful colours often make me 'feel at home with God and His creation'. A couple of work colleagues always laugh at my pictures on social media of the countryside and Digby.

I've been reflecting on the Pioneer Gathering, Passionate believers, daring dreamers and I'm lost in wonder at the stories of transformation that I kept hearing.
People keep meeting with the reality of Jesus and are experiencing the empowering of the Holy Spirit, transforming lives and communities
A common theme of many of the pioneers was that God had already gone before them.  This statement in and of itself regularly makes me smile.
Of course God has gone before us.
He loves the world!
He loves humanity.
God is in this for the long haul....! For Eternity!

However it does seem that we are always having to catch up with God.
It seems that Im always running after God

God has gone before us....
Our systems so often are catching upto what is needed.
We settle all to quickly into how we do things around here
Yet, we are always behind....
Or so it feels.

Its challenging when we meet with resistance.
If i hear once more that's not how we do things around here, I will........????!!!@@@@
I simply want to say resistance if futile.
God is God!
He can do whatsoever He chooses.
Have we sometimes thought of ourselves more highly than we should?
Have we sometimes forgotten that this is Gods work?
Have we made our God to small?
Resistance is futile

All Star Trek Fans will recognise this statement, Resistance is Futile.   For those who dont here you go "We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."
— The BorgStar Trek: First Contact

That line your culture will adapt to service us, has made me think.
Is what we do and what we are about glorifying God or about serving our own organisation of even self?
So often it feels as if we are tied down, held back by a massive piece of elastic. We can push out and explore but if we go to far it pulls us right back.
There is a healthiness in being rooted in our tradition, but we have to be free to explore.

We need to resist the default drag that pulls us back

We need to allow the wind of the Spirit to blow us where He will
We need to have courage to explore and resist the default drag to our known places.

Resist the default drag.
Resist The Borgs!

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