Saturday, 13 April 2019

Emmaus Pioneer Journey

Picture the scene.
You arrive,
on a day off to spend the day with one of your children.
To help him out.
You're greeted by about 5 tonne of soil to dig and move
Three tonnes of hardcore to be shovelled and barrowed.
And the goal is to have it all completed by 4.00pm!
You have just this one day to achieve your goal!
You know this is going to hurt!  But
The sun is streaming down,
its really beautiful day in the North East.

Such days are good for my soul.
Its good to escape the mental and emotional challenges of my role, just for a short while and to do some good hard labour!
Its also gives a great sense of achievement when you taking the obligatory photos at the end of the day of your work.

BUT this was seriously hard work!
At the start of the afternoon, we were both hurting, aching, sore not quite knowing how to continue.
We took a break.
In fact it felt like we collapsed into our break
And fed ourselves.
We needed to replenish the energy levels.
We both admitted we just could not go on!
There was a real temptation to give in, in fact we both just did not know how to 'push on'.

But carry on, somehow we did!
We completed the task together, spurring one another on.
Sharing the workload.
Imagining the end goal,
Knowing that completing the goal would make the next days work, on Monday so much more easier.

In those aching moments together, we supported and challenged one another.
These two roles are vital as we raise up, invest in and develop other leaders.
The role of journeying with, has to be intentional, hard work, relentless at times but the end goal is worth it.

In recent days Im continually be challenged by a few people who speak into my life about the need to keep investing in others and dreaming of the legacy I will leave behind.
To be honest, Im not actually too worried about the legacy, I simply want those who I invest in to realise their potential, and be the best leader, and disciple they can be.

In recent days Ive been praying, planning and seeking God as to how we can raise up many many more pioneers who are prepared to step up and out into the unchartered waters.
I think yesterdays 'building parable' again reiterated to me how this happens.

And so I ask myself, and maybe yourselves....

  • We need to intentionally invest time into others - Are we too busy doing the business of church, rather than investing in the people of church?
  • We need to walk with, journey with people where they are - Are we too busy rushing about doing things that we have forgotten how to be with people?
  • We need to 'grind it out', work hard with people who will not always want to go the where they are heading - Are we prone to give up too easily when those we journey with perhaps fail or give up
  • We need to keep the end goal of building the Kingdom and reaching the lost constantly before us - Are we all to often blown about like the boat on the sea by circumstances and lose sight of our focus?
  • We need to be determined, resolute and unflinching in our goal to hand the baton onto those who may well be gifted to do the things we do, and do them better - Are we at times prone to hold onto things because we enjoy doing them, when in fact we should release others to explore those possibilities?

Yesterday again taught me.
Its great to work with others.
To be in partnership.
To utilise one another's strengths and gifts and in doing so to be able to stand back at the end of the day and be inspired and blessed through the end results of the journey.

Who are your journeying with?
Who are you taking 'time out with'?
Investing in?
Replenishing the spiritual energy reserves with?
Raising up?
Celebrating together with?

In the next few weeks we are going to be seeking to encourage and work with as many pioneers as possible, and leaders who are pioneering new ways of being church to raise up 1 or 2 new leaders each!
Will you journey with us, into phase two of The Emmaus Pioneer Road Journey?

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Emmaus Pioneer Journey

Picture the scene. You arrive, on a day off to spend the day with one of your children. To help him out. You're greeted by about 5 t...